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First saving systemin cryptocurrency

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CCO: Continued Coin Offering

On March 1st 2018, Peculium has launched the 2nd phase of the fundraiser. This phase is specifically designed to facilitate business partnerships and provide funding for long term financial support to Peculium.

Peculium is the revolutionary savings platform that seamlessly merges traditional savings economy with the cryptocurrency markets via the power of Automated Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AML-AI), Big data analytics, and the Smart-contracts over the Ethereum Blockchain.

Peculium is the bridge between the traditional economy and the new era of crypto-economy, reducing barriers, decreasing volatility, increasing confidence, and creating a mutually beneficial endeavor. Peculium is the door designed to achieve the best risk-benefit ratio for the crypto-investments whether you are an individual or an institution.

Peculium is the first saving platform for individuals, brokers, and financial institutions. Peculium trades on the cryptocurrency markets. Peculium brings the power of algorithmic trading to everyday users.
Peculium has raised € 8.1 million from a successful ICO. Peculium is supported by a committed community of thousands of individuals from all across the world. Peculium is already listed on multiple exchanges.
Pécule (PCL) means savings. PCL is the utility token on Peculium platform used to pay for the various products. These products take advantage of the artificial intelligence engine AIEVE.
The Peculium’s team is composed of 40 individuals, with various expertise coming from Blockchain technology and software development to quantitative finance and algorithmic trading.
Token Features

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

A blockchain is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all transactions over a peer-to-peer network. It allows market participants to keep track of digital currency transactions without control of central authority. The data stored on the blockchain is immutable and secured by cryptographic function.

The currencies based on the blockchain technology are known as cryptocurrencies.

Growth of Crypto-Markets

100,000 New Users Daily

+3300% Growth in 2017

$600 billion Market Capitalization

$9.5 billion Daily Trading Volume

Obstacles in Adoption

High Volatility

High Technological Barrier

Limited Liquidity

Lack of Transparency by Projects

Token Features
Token Features


Formalizes the blockchain based assets

Facilitates regulation while maintaining decentralization

Facilitates the entry of traditional economy in to crypto assets

Provides stability to crypto-trading by decreasing the volatility

Provides the best risk to benefit ratio for new traders

Reduces technological barriers for an easy entry & mass-adoption

Increases the transparency of the trading to identify good projects

Protects against the bad actors and market manipulators

Our Mission

Utilize the power of Artificial Intelligence and the blockchain technology to grow employment savings and stabilize crypto-currency-markets

Our Vision

To lead crypto-asset management services and usher the era of transparent, fair, and decentralized financial markets based on blockchain technology.

“Peculium aspires to formalize crypto assets similar to the traditional markets”


Peculium strongly believes in the underlying value and potential for growth of the crypto-assets. Peculium will bring the savings economy to the crypto-trading and blockchain based assets providing the necessary stability to crypto-markets. The savings accounts will benefit from the faster growth of the value of the crypto-assets.

Artificial Intelligence and Smart-contracts

Peculium’s AIEVE is the first-ever Artificially intelligent trading engine developed for cryptocurrency markets. 

AIEVE is currently in beta testing phase. AIEVE is currently able to predict crypto movements every minute providing most precise estimates. In the future, AIEVE will be able to analyze data from crypto-markets, social media, news, and any other relevant sources. 

The smart contracts on the Ethereum network will provide the transparency and trust for a long-term relationship between the investors and Peculium. 

AIEVE : Powerful Artificial Intelligence

Smart Contract: Asset Management

Token Features
Token Features

Trade PCL

Token Features

Token Sale

  • Max Cap: €200 million
  • Supply: 20 billion PCL
  • ICO: 17 Dec'17 to 25 Jan'18
  • CCO: 1 Mar'18 to 31 Jul'18
  • 25% - ICO-(TGE) & Pre-ICO-(TGE)
  • 55% - CCO (Continued Coin Offering)
Token Features



Sub-second query latency on billions of rows


Investment decisions in the crypto/blockchain markets


Distributed architecture for large data volume


Automatic Machine Learning.


OLAP in Memory capability & advanced functionality


Compute resource that can handle complex and parallel simulations

Smart Contract

Asset Management

BigData Analytics

Artificial Intelligence

Token Features
Token Architecture

Meet our Team



Chief Financial Officer


Florian RAIS

Chief Commercial officer



Strategy and Financial advisor


Bruno Chouanga

Project Manager

Token Architecture
Token Roadmap



First Prediction Algorithm

Q3 2017

Chatbot AML

Q2 2018

AIEVE beta Launch

Q2 2018

CCO Strategy Deployment

Q2 2018

International Marketing

Q2 2018

Smart Contract Deployment

Q3 2018

Platform launch - Big-Data Analytics

Q3 2018

SINGULUS Contract Deployment

Q3 2018

ALTERUS Contract Deployment

Q4 2018

PECULIUM Real-time Dashboard

Q4 2018

PECULIUM Native Wallet Release

Q4 2018

Applications for Mobile Platform (Android, iOS)

Q4 2018

AIEVE Goes Live

Q4 2018

ICO and Crypto-Rating Agency Launch

Q1 2019

SOLIDUS Contract Deployment

Token Roadmap


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